How do early experiences affect the development of our sense of safety and sense of worth?

And when this development has been impaired, what can we do now to reverse these dynamics?

In this talk I share elements of my personal experience and what I learned from it.

You will find out how early parent-child interactions impact our brain development, and how this creates patterns at the subconscious level that can generate chronic feelings of anxiety and low self-worth.

You'll also hear about what we can do now to reverse these dynamics, using specific techniques to work with the subconscious level. 

At the end of the talk I am sharing information about the upcoming programme I'm offering in Bristol on healing from these challenges.

NOTE: In the talk I mention that this programme is taking place in June-July 2017. However, I have now changed the start dates of the group workshops to late September. The individual sessions part of the programme can start anytime until then. Click the button below for the full details of the programme.

Click below to learn more about this programme and book your space:

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