I have long been wanting to write a blog and have been feeling terrified about it.

So this first blog post is about... writing blog posts.

Are you crippled by perfectionism? Paralyzed by the fear that what you do and express won't be "good enough"? This might help.

It's been a while since I've realized that part of doing my “work”, what I'm passionate about contributing to the world, involves sharing the intuitive knowledge, thoughts and realizations I come across through my work with others and within myself.

Insights about inner transformation, emotional healing and growth that I get through the practice I have called “Emotional Alchemy”.

Yet I've struggled with allowing myself to write and publish articles.

My fears aren't very original

They probably sound familiar to those of you who create, make art, dance, sing, or write and have a difficult time sharing that with the outside world.

Fears of being inadequate, not good enough, judged, disliked, or laughed at.

So today I'll share a small insight I just had which might be helpful to others too

I was just lying in my garden in the sun earlier, thinking about an article I'm writing and feeling into the fear of making it public.

I started doing EFT tapping. This is one of the practices I use for myself and clients. It helps shift stress and emotional tension in the nervous system, brings back calmness and usually helps me gain clarity.

At the same time I prayed to the “invisible gang”

That's how I call the beings I like to think of as spiritually having my back – guiding spirits, angels, unseen forces that shape what is, etc. (Pick your favorite name for it).

I asked for insights and inspiration that might help me feel differently and make it easier.

After a while of tapping and tuning into what exactly I was afraid of, mostly, in my case, what other people think, I came to feel a shift in my body and a surge of inspiration.

What if we decided to do it for the Gods?

Or, if using words like "the Gods" isn't how you like to frame it, to honor the beauty and mystery of life and of how we feel inside?

What if it's not about being right, being good enough, being perfect, but about celebrating and giving thanks for being alive? 

Sharing our expression can then be a tribute to the magic and the meaning we perceive around us, made in the way that is unique to us. Like the Sufi mystics, who pray through dance and song.

For me this removes the pressure I put on myself to do something “perfect”, in the hope that I will have more chances of being approved of by others.

I'm no longer trying to manipulate or control other people's experience of what I do.

That's quite a restful feeling, actually.

Some people might like it, others might find it terrible but that's no longer the focus of expressing something publicly.

I remembered having the same realization a while ago about playing music and feeling self-conscious about not being “good enough” at it...

Now, to me, the fact that I'm even playing at all means that I'm honoring the Gods, and I like to believe that it pleases them, even when I sing out of tune.

So I wrote a note for myself to put above my desk. It says:

“Write for the Gods.

Express what is true to you.

Celebrate what is beautiful and meaningful and makes your heart sing.

Show your gratitude for the unique Soul and voice you have been given.

Dance in your most magnificent outfit.

The Gods need food as well.”

And then I wrote this post. I hope it inspires you to share the unique expression of your Soul a bit more easily too.

Stay tuned for more articles coming, I'll be writing them for the Gods... but happy to share the joy!