This is the recording of a webinar I offered a couple weeks ago, called "Your unconscious in relationships". I'm now making it available as an online mini-workshop.

It's designed to support people in connecting at a deeper level with how they are unconsciously "re-creating" certain types of situation in romantic and interpersonal relationships -- so that ultimately they can create what they deeply desire.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to work with the frustrating situations that seem to keep happening "over and over" in relationships
  • The mechanisms of repression, projection, the "Shadow", and how to begin shifting what we are not even aware is going on with people we meet, for more Presence and Connection
  • Why the Unconscious is the place to look into to create effective changes to unfulfilling or stuck dynamics in intimate relationships (and relationships in general)

  • A powerful guided meditation journey to help you find the answers within that you can't access from your Conscious Mind -- and to help you plant the seeds of Love and Fulfilment!

I'll also be telling you about my upcoming therapy programme: "The Search for Soulmate is the Search for Soul". 

This course is designed to work specifically on the "wound of rejection" in relationships -- whether that's coming from specific traumatic events, conscious or unconscious, or from patterns of "mis-attunement" in early, primary caregivers relationships.

It will include group workshop sessions as well as one-to-one sessions to go into your unique situation (optional, see course info to learn more).

UPDATE: The dates for the workshop have changed since the webinar recording. The workshop is now starting on March 26th. For all the updates go to the event's page.

This 5 months in-depth course is for people who experience :

  • Either feeling "rejected", ignored or kept at arm's length by the people they are romantically interested in - and feeling shame and hurt or anger as a result, or bitterness from such past situations
  • ...Or feeling "rejecting", overwhelmed or uncomfortable with people who are interested in them, and unable to create lasting, fulfilling relationships
  • ...Or both of these dynamics in turn

The process that we will use helps rebuild "secure" attachment patterns, and balance "anxious" and "avoidant" or "ambivalent" patterns.

  • It will allow you to change those patterns at the deepest level...

  • Shift your mindset and gradually change the conditioned responses that occur in your nervous system without you wanting to, influencing your emotional states and your behaviours.

If you are ready to go on a deeper journey within, to create positive change and open up to much more fulfilment, lightness and ease in Love, check out this upcoming therapy course.

I have personally experienced the power of the specific processes I'm going to take you through. For me it has been absolutely life-changing... and shifted my own relationship patterns dramatically.

The pattern of rejection I was experiencing is now a thing of the past and I'm now enjoying a balanced, healthy, exciting and loving relationship experience. That's why I'm so eager to share this work --  because it's the only thing that has really worked for me.

Here's what a few clients have said after working on painful emotional states experienced in romantic relationships:

Working with Jessica I have developed a deeper connection with and awareness of my body; of the stories it holds that have been inherited from pasts I wasn’t consciously aware of. Bringing to the light how I’ve been repeating patterns that aren’t mine have allowed me to release, to become “unstuck”.
— P.D
(Through our sessions) I was finally resolving trauma and emotional development that had been hindered in childhood, and growing as an adult.

I found I was recovering parts of myself that were lost and even memories that had been suppressed. My inner world became more peaceful and joyful as a result, and my outer world expanded.

I would attribute the work I did with you to contributing to a fantastic summer, one of the best I can remember.
— E.T


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