This is an account, from one of my clients, of a session together in which she transformed her relationship with an important aspect of herself, which she originally rejected and thus experienced as what we call a “Shadow” aspect of her psyche.

This is how we were able to transform it, so that it could bring her the incredible, precious gifts it was ready to share…

"In a session with Jess one day, I went to the “basement” of my Unconscious mind, to find my Shadow. I found her and she was a very skinny, ugly and emaciated woman, covered with rags. I didn’t like her, I didn’t want her to be there and I felt irritated by her presence. I felt that people rejected me because of her and for that reason I wanted her out of my life. She could feel my rejection and this made her feel bad.

Then Jessica invited me to look at her and listen to what she had to tell me. She said that it was never her intention to make me feel bad, that all she longed for was my approval, but she always felt rejected by me. She had felt very lonely and isolated all these years. I was listening to her in silence and my attitude started to change little by little. I started to see this woman in a different way. And as she felt heard, she started to change.

I decided to listen to all she had to tell me without judging. Suddenly she no longer appeared as disgusting to me and I could see a wise woman who was there to help me. I felt strong compassion for her and I said to her I was sorry for having rejected her all my life. From now on I wanted to consider her in my life and listen to her. Her face was sweeter and she smiled. I started to see her beauty. 

Then I asked her: What gifts do you have for me? And looked at her eyes. She didn’t say anything. She just looked at me. She didn’t answer with words, because what she had to tell me was too deep to be expressed with words. This was her message: “I am here to help you awaken from this dream and escape from illusion, to see beyond the veil of reality and go through it. I bring you the knowledge of the truth of who you really are and it will allow you to recover your true wisdom. I am here for you, I only needed to feel your love to open up to you, and show you my gift for you.”

Now she was a beautiful woman who was radiating love. I was happy to be her, and I wanted her to stay with me. I felt that she was going to help me heal my wounds and connect with my Higher Self. I could see her now as an ally, a guide and a master. She had all the answers, knew all the secrets and she was ready to reveal them once I accepted her presence, without judging. What I found in this session was pure gold for me."

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