In this free 30 minutes audio, you'll learn about:

  • How low self-worth, self-criticism, discontent and fears of other's judgment, is connected to our mindset and our subconscious conditioning

  • Why the conventional notion of self-worth and self-esteem is actually limiting us and keeping us stuck in a perspective that will never allow us to feel good about ourselves and contented with our lives in a stable way

  • Why working with what we call the "Shadow" can effectively help us transform our felt sense of worth at the root cause,

  • Why and how to loosen the ego's attachment to what we have learnt about "worth"

It's designed with women in mind, as I'll also tell you a bit about my upcoming programme on this theme, "Reclaiming the Shadow of the Feminine".

UPDATE: The programme I talk about in the recording is now past - However I hope you enjoy it, and it you would like support with issues of low Self-worth, feel free to get in touch about working together one-to-one.