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    In this video mini-course I explain how the way we are conditioned to look at our outside reality and our experience affects what we experience and what we create.

    This is for you if: 

    • you feel like you are reacting to some situations in a way that might have been "built-in" subconsciously a long time ago...
    • If you are tired of feeling defeated, paralysed or anxious around certain people or in certain circumstances,
    • If you can tell that your upset is not "rational" or "proportional" to the present-day situation

    You'll learn:

    • How to stop feeling victimized by repeating patterns in external situations, relationships and other all-too-familiar "triggers"
    • How to use these instead to become aware of your subconscious programming
    • How to work with the body and the emotions arising, in a compassionate way that will free you from this conditioning and the limitations it's been creating in your life.

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