In so little time and with such a small financial investment overall, this is the only thing that really worked for me in depth, and freed me from the phobias and anxieties I was struggling with. That is, compared to the years of talk therapies I had done before, with no tangible results.

Your techniques are not about verbalising and analysing and therefore accessible to people who don’t want to spend years rehashing their “stories”.
— M.N

I used to be willing to do anything rather than being with myself.

Sessions with you, Jessica, are a bubble where for an hour an a half we take the time to be present and listen within.

We reconnect to the areas of the self that we don’t pay attention to because they are uncomfortable or don’t conform to society.

Often we put those things aside, deep feelings, desires, personal truths, so that we fit in. I used to feel too scared to really allow myself to feel my “negative emotions” .

You helped me learn how to listen, how to be at peace with it and access the power in it.

Working with you helped me realise that ultimately this is what makes everyday life happier and smoother. It has made me feel so much more truly confident and at peace within myself.

This comes from a place of simply being serene and happy being what I am, rather than trying to please others, fit some standards or keep on “doing” more things on the outside.
— K.C
Since working with you I sleep better, feel more confident and stronger. I learnt to trust my intuition by being more in touch with my body’s guidance. I’m able to discern better what is or isn’t right for me and take actions that truly respect myself.
— L.J

A Client's story

Saying "no" to what is not right for you

A client came to see me seeking help to handle stress and her fibromyalgia symptoms. She had a burning pain in the middle of her back which had been there for years. She was 63.

I led her into a hypnosis trance and guided her to explore the subconscious messages being communicated through the sensations in her back, by allowing in and observing the shapes and images she was getting, the language of the subconscious mind.

- It’s like a tear. But it is surrounded by something else. A curved line...The line tries to go all around the tear but it can’t. It can’t enclose it. There is a feeling of helplessness...fear...and sadness.

We explored the emotional charge present for her in those images. She was able to reconnect to an old memory that she had never talked about in all those years, and had never been properly acknowledged and healed.

- It’s... I don’t know. I’m not sure. I’m getting images from when I was around 6 or 8, and I feel that there is something around that time that used to happen sometimes, that didn’t feel right.

She connected to memories that brought up a lot of shame, confusion, and vulnerability – a time in her life when she was so young and felt so confused and ashamed that she wasn't able to clearly say “no”, in that case, to the sexual gestures enacted by another young boy during play time. She recalled not even really knowing whether it was “OK” or not.

We worked on hearing all the helplessness, fear and shame. We created a sense of safety and control for her young self, by rewriting a story in which her intuitive knowledge, which told her that those gestures didn't feel “right” for her, was validated.

She was able to claim back her power, say “no” and put a stop to it.

After a while working with the anger that was present beneath the shame and fear, and various others elements in that story, she felt at peace. Her burning pain in the back has shifted and decreased a lot and she was feeling a great deal of relief.

In other sessions we furthered the exploration and the strengthening of her ability to say “no” with ease to what wasn't right for her. Gradually her symptoms and stress diminished and became much more manageable.