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  • United Kingdom

Are you struggling with chronic anxiety, feelings of unworthiness, and similar recurring emotional challenges?

In this talk, Jessica Wallace (CHt, GHQP) founder of Inner Alchemy - Trance Work Hypnotherapy, will share techniques to help you access and heal the early roots of these challenges.

How does our early development impact our capacity for self-love, confidence and inner safety? And what can we do now to repair unhealthy patterns creating anxiety and feelings of unworthiness?

You will learn about:

- What neuroscience shows about the development of our core emotional patterns in early life

- The reason why when we struggle with old, chronic emotional challenges, "understanding the issue" intellectually alone, doesn't help us feel better

- Why and how to work with the subconscious mind, the emotions and the body, to address all these levels

- The keys to releasing these patterns and developing healthy self-love, trust in ourselves, in others and in life.

Jess will guide a short Hypnosis Trance Work group session, to show you how to start doing this work within yourself.

About Jessica:

Jessica Wallace is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and the founder of Inner Alchemy, a therapeutic approach based on interactive Hypnosis Trance Work and Deep Imagery Work. Jess combines these techniques with EFT Tapping, an energy psychology modality which helps these shifts take place both in mind and body.

She is passionate about sharing techniques to unlock stuck emotional patterns and transform them into opportunities for soul-level healing, growth and expansion.

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