Are you struggling with stuck emotional issues?

Issues such as:

  • Anxiety,

  • Fears and phobias

  • Chronic tension or pain, which you suspect come from stress and/or repressed emotions

  • Low self-esteem

  • Attachment insecurities, painful relationship patterns

- Do you feel like you are holding deep beliefs which are locking you in an unfulfilling life, coloured by fears?

- Do you struggle with self-doubt or shame, fear of being seen, and feel frustratingly limited, at times acutely aware of other's perceptions and negative judgement upon who you are and what you do?

- Do you often feel highly sensitive to other's negative emotions, stressed out about these, overwhelmed and vulnerable?

- Do you also perhaps often feel like you're “too much” emotionally, like you are feeling things too deeply, unable to cope, and depleted?

And end up feeling alienated, misunderstood, never really “seen” or met at the Soul level?

If you can relate to any or all of these experiences, let me extend an invitation...

My name is Jess Wallace. In my healing practice, called Inner Alchemy, I work with people who struggle with stuck emotional issues such as those described above.

I show them how to transform old wounds and patterns from the past, and gain access to their gifts and inner power, which lie dormant beneath the fear and pain.

I have just created a free webinar, a 3-parts online mini-course, in which I will share a process designed to show you:

  • How to use the challenges you are dealing with to access and repair unhealthy patterns in the subconscious mind,

  • How to rebuild instead the solid structures which were missing in the first place

  • How to use this process so you can access a deeper connection with your authentic Self and your gifts for the world

Working with you showed me how to go where my subconscious was taking me, fearlessly. It was like we went on a journey together, you and me... It felt very fluid, interactive, alive. After we worked together I felt my heart was completely open. Like I was able to love the whole world – and myself, fully, at the same time!”
— M.L

The next dates for the 3-part webinar are :

Part 1: Saturday, September 9th, 11AM.
Part 2: Sunday, September 10th, 11AM.
Part 3: Monday, September 11th, 7PM.

If you can't make those dates but would like to be updated about following occurrences of this webinar, or other webinars, please contact me at, or join my newsletter by completing the form in the footer at the bottom of this page.


What are these structures which may be “missing” at the subconscious level, and what does that create?

Within ideally functioning child-parent interactions, certain core healthy inner “structures” develop in the brain, which help us navigate our emotions and the challenges we meet in life with the most ease.

They support our capacity to live happy, peaceful, fulfilling lives and to form secure relationships.

We rely upon them without consciously thinking about it: they are integrated at the level of the subconscious mind.

However, in our modern western societies, a lot of us fail to develop these structures properly.

Three of them, in particular, are key, and are usually missing or impaired when we struggle with the emotional issues listed above: these are our capacity for self-attunement, self-regulation and self-love / acceptance.

  • Attunement is the capacity for the parents or primary caregivers to be emotionally present (attuned) and in empathy with the emotions of the child, and to respond appropriately.

    It is highly instinctive but can very easily be disrupted by stress or if the parents have experienced trauma or never received healthy attunement themselves.

    In our stressed, modern societies, it is almost always less than ideal. When we fail to receive it, we can't develop it within the Self and form our capacity to be properly attuned to our own emotions and to handle them well – which connects with Self-regulation.


  • Self-regulation also develops from childhood patterns. In childhood we can't regulate our own emotional experience – that is to say, move through it safely and regain balance.

    We need the presence and help of relaxed, calm, attuned adults, caring for us while we are experiencing the difficult emotions to go through it and come back to peace. If we don't get that external regulation, we fail to develop proper capacity for it internally – self-regulation.

  • Self-love / acceptance stems from the above structures. If some of our emotional experiences aren't accepted by the parents / caregivers, if we feel like they respond with anger, stress or anxiety or by rejecting or abandoning us when we are expressing them, we will start to believe that there is something wrong with us and with what we feel.

    We will repress and rejects parts of ourselves and learn to feel ashamed, unacceptable and unlovable on some level.

    Again, not receiving the quality of love and/or acceptance we need is very common, and leads to many of us not having the capacity for a great deal of Self-love and self-acceptance.

Missing these core structures means we start to develop the unhealthy, false beliefs and painful feelings, which you are experiencing if the issues listed above apply to you.

The good news is that even when we have failed to develop these capacities properly in childhood, they can be repaired and rebuilt now.

When we rebuild these within ourselves deliberately as adults, we also start to reclaim our access to our authentic Self and find our gifts for the world.

We become able to let go of the child's need to be accepted by her external environment for survival – and instead we're able to prioritize our Soul's needs as it unfolds on its unique journey.

Through this practice, which allows us to journey deep within and meet our wounds, they become the place where we meet our inner “treasures”, and unearth our most important gifts for the world.

In this webinar I will show you a clear 5-step process which works at the subconscious level.

If you are committed to using it regularly, it will without a doubt bring very big changes to how you think, feel, and move through life.

I will also guide you through a practice session, so you experience directly how it works.

Here's what I'd like you to consider...

What if all the painful experiences you are dealing with, could in fact be the doorway to experiencing the deeper truth of who you are?

The base material which will turn into gold, once you know how to transform it?

What if it was precisely through working with them that you could find the keys to your Power, your Magic?

Not only freeing yourself from your difficult symptoms, but turning them into the stepping stones to a life filled with greater serenity and contentment, all radiating from within you?

The work with you feels like it supports the unfolding of the movement of life on all levels... I loved the adventure and the exploration. To me it was about reconnecting with the evolving nature of life so I could evolve too. And the big obstacle I used to feel has shifted. I no longer feel it in front of me.
— E.P

Here's what each of the 3 parts of the mini-course will cover:

  • In Part 1 I will provide you with a clear, detailed roadmap for the 5-steps process

  • In Part 2 I will offer you a guided meditation to show you how to implement the steps

  • In Part 3 there will be space for you to share the insights you gained, and to ask any remaining questions you might have. I will also let you know about opportunities to work with me as well as together with others in a small group setting, to dive deeper into your healing journey with more support.

This webinar is for you if:

  • You feel ready to take on the responsibility of transforming your old patterns, and deliberately create your own evolution, in a joyful and magical way, with sound inner structures to rely upon.

  • You want to learn how to tune into your deeper Self and your inner guidance, so that you can find your own answers within,


  • You want to let go of the fears and blocks that have been limiting you subconsciously, so that you can be free to be who you truly are, and shine your light into the world.

Please join me in this free webinar by clicking the button below.