A 5 months therapy workshop series for women


UPDATE - April 10th: Originally designed as a 5 months course to be taken as a whole, I've now decided to open it up and allow women to join any of these workshops separately, or the whole course if they choose to.


We'll be focusing on different themes in each workshop, with a holistic approach – working with the levels of the physical, the emotional, the mental/intellectual, the spiritual aspects of the Self, our connection to material abundance, social status, and the aspects of Shadow that can be found in each.


In each of these, through our practices with the Shadow, we will meet, get to know and reintegrate, the aspects of the Self which have been repressed or buried, or that we've been taught are not good enough or inadequate.

All of them, aspects that we need to examine, at times to re-assess and shift our perspective towards them, as keys to activating our full potential, to grow in authenticity, to feel free, whole and to shine our brightest.


Working with the Shadow...

These words can bring up a sense of something dark, negative, or even dangerous. As though we were going to put on long dark robes and do some black magic rituals.

But far from those images, what we call the "Shadow" in Jungian psychology, is what we have been repressing in ourselves, in a way that makes us stay stuck.

Working with the Shadow, therefore, is a practice of liberation, towards connecting more and more with our true Self and with the "treasures in the Shadow", our power for Self-love, Self-compassion, transformation, and growth.


Keep reading below for all the information about the workshops and the ways you can participate!

Below is a story from a session with a client, relating one of the ways working with the Shadow can look like (here specifically we were using hypnotherapy and deep imagery work).

I was on a journey in one session with Jessica and I can’t remember what prompted it but suddenly I had an image of a woman in my local store where I do some day-to-day food shopping. She was dishevelled, homeless looking, but not homeless, just uncared for. She was huddled over, barely feminine and with her face hidden and unkempt scraggly hair. I almost dismissed the image as it seemed unrelated but when I mentioned it to Jessica she encouraged it and said, with a small smile of satisfaction, “that’s your witch!”. ! .

We then proceeded to meet her and let her roar. And oh did she roar! Of course, she was not meant to be cast aside and judged as useless, ugly, undesirable, unable. She was not meant to be thought of as dangerous or someone to feel pity for and be ignored. And (as Jessica pointed out) she certainly was not meant to be doing the food shopping!

With Jessica’s help, when I let her cast off her ill-fitting dirty rag clothes I saw her for what she really is, a powerful magical element of the feminine psyche that has been repressed, ignored and judged into ill health and isolation. Her image then turned through from fiery volcano rage and into her true self that can express these powers; a beautiful healthy abundant and nurturing Tree.
— Lucy White

Reclaiming The Shadow of The Feminine

An individual and group therapy course for women who experience some of the following:

  • Debilitating self-doubt, self-criticism and self-judgment, or fears of being judged by others, creating stress and holding them back

  • Toxic shame about themselves

  • Self-sabotage,

  • Lack of self-worth and self-esteem, difficulty in valuing themselves and believing in themselves

  • Insecurities in romantic, personal or professional contexts

  • Difficulties in finding or going after their true Purpose

  • Fear of showing themselves fully and being seen,

    It also welcomes women who have a history of trauma and/or PTSD, and burn-out.

This is a transformational course to support an inner and outer "paradigm-shift"...


I'm Jessica Wallace (CHt, GHQP). As a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, I help people who struggle with stuck conditioning that prevents them from honouring and expressing who they are, and their vision -- and who may be dealing with issues such as trauma, anxiety and low self-worth.

I show them:

  • How to heal the root cause of these challenges
  • How to transform them into opportunities for soul-level growth,
  • And how to connect with their inner power, inner truth and light, so they can shine and bring their gifts to the world.

    In my one-to-one sessions and group work, I use techniques from Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Deep Imagery Work, Shadow processing, journeying, guided meditation and other emotional integration techniques.

I think you have magical powers. I found you very supportive, measured, validating and intuitive.

In the sessions I felt you created a safe space to do this work that could be confronting at times. I trusted you and that helped me be open with you, to journey within and face the trauma.

I found the method beautiful, profound, validating and powerful. It is one of the most effective healing therapies I have tried, with the fastest observable results.
— E.T

In this programme, we will be using Shadow processing and other experiential practices, to:


  • Deactivate old fear-based conditioning and judgment based-perspectives towards the Self

  • Learn how to compassionately reintegrate aspects that have been judged and repressed – to create your life from freedom and openness

  • Access a solid sense of the value and the nature of the true Self (beyond just an ego-boost to the sense of self-worth), and the joy and possibility of being our full, creative Self, outside of the ego's conditioning

  • Be inspired and supported by others, within the safety of a group of heart-centered women



If you are ready to take part in this deep journey with me and a small group of other amazing women:

This is both an in-depth personal therapy course, with 10 to 20 one-to-one sessions (for those choosing options 2 or 3, see below), and a collective process, with small group sessions (limited to 8 to 10 persons).

-- 3 online group calls and 2 group workshops in person in Bristol (recorded for those who can't attend).

UPDATE: Workshops can now be attended separately (or still taken together as a whole course)

The first workshop is an online call and the other workshops are now all in person, 2 full days and 2 half-day workshops.

Dates and themes of each workshop:

  • Workshop 1: Monday, April 16th (online call, 6 PM to 8 PM): The physical level – includes any issues we feel around the physical appearance, health, energy levels, strength, etc. Fears of not “doing” enough.

  • Workshop 2: Saturday, April 21st (full day workshop, 10 AM to 5 PM) The emotional level – includes the Shadow of being afraid / being seen as “too much”, “crazy”, “angry”, “weird”... In the afternoon we'll focus on how these aspects impact and play out in close relationships.

  • Workshop 3: Saturday, May 12th (half-day workshop, 3 PM to 6 PM) The mental/intellectual level – Fears of being seen as “not knowing enough”, of not being rational enough, not clever enough, inadequate intellectually, and/ or feeling strongly judgmental towards the perceived lack of mind-based knowledge in others. Or, ashamed of not knowing how to do certain practical things.
  • Workshop 4: Saturday, June 9th (full day workshop, 10 AM to 5 PM) The spiritual level and abundance – exploring the potential of some aspects of spirituality to repress emotionality (e.g when wanting to be seen as “enlightened”, as good, compassionate etc). Judging other's lack of spirituality.

    Also covering the theme of abundance, money and “having enough” - the fear of not being “spiritual” if going after material abundance. Includes the Shadow of vulnerability, lack of control and dependency and its connection to faith.
  • Workshop 5: Saturday, June 23th (last half day in-person workshop, 2.30 PM to 6.30 PM ) – Social status and how we want to be perceived. Fears of inadequacy socially. Final integration of the different levels.

The workshops can be taken separately, though if you don't attend the first online call, and haven't attended any of my workshops before, I will ask that you get a separate recording covering some of the introductory material, which will enable you to take part in the following workshops

In-person workshops will take place at Breathe Bristol (20 Upper Maudlin Street, BS28DJ)

I came to see Jess to work on childhood trauma. I experienced rapid transformation following each session.

Issues that I’d had significant lifelong struggles with were lightening in my experience of them. I felt I became more open and free as a result, my mindset was shifting.

I was finally resolving trauma and emotional development that had been hindered in childhood, and growing as an adult.

I found I was recovering parts of myself that were lost and even memories that had been suppressed. My inner world became more peaceful and joyful as a result, and my outer world expanded.

I would attribute the work I did with you to contributing to a fantastic summer, one of the best I can remember.
— M.N

If this work feels right for you at this time...

Space is limited so apply now.

We're starting with our first call on Monday, April 16th.



  • Workshop 1: Monday, April 16th (online call, 6 PM to 8 PM): The physical level : £40
  • Workshop 2: Saturday, April 21st (full day workshop, 10 AM to 5 PM) The emotional level -- working within relationships: £95
  • Workshop 3:  Saturday, May 12th (half-day workshop, 3 PM to 6 PM) The mental/intellectual level: £65
  • Workshop 4: Saturday, June 9th (full day workshop, 10 AM to 5 PM) The spiritual level and abundance: £95
  • Workshop 5: Saturday, June 23th (last half day in-person workshop, 2.30 PM to 6.30 PM ) – Social level and integration of all levels: £65

    For the workshops taken individually, I'm offering a concession for benefits and students. See The ticket purchase page here:


  • For people who are familiar with this type of work already, and willing to do more self-guided "homework"
  • Includes all workshops
  • Receive the guided meditations, visualisations and other supporting resources I'll be sharing, to listen again at your convenience
  • Access to the Facebook group

    --- This option is designed for people who already have experience in this type of work, and/or who have already done therapy work which they feel has been effective, and/or who have a steady inner practice (meditation for example).

    If you select this option, the effectiveness of the programme will be directly correlated to the time and dedication with which you do your self-guided inner work using the tools we'll be learning. 

YOUR INVESTMENT IS £360 (SAVE £10 compared to taking each workshop separately)


  • 10 individual sessions with me (Skype or in Bristol): 10 x £65 per 90 minutes sessions = 650

  • Access to all workshops

  • Receive the guided meditations, visualisations and other supporting resources I'll be sharing with all participants

  • Access to the Facebook group

---- This option includes 10 individual sessions with me. It is for people who want support to resolve and transform specific challenges they are experiencing, and/or who haven't done this type of work before.

This option will complement the workshop sessions, as we will be doing deeper personalized work with hypnotherapy to connect with the root causes of your challenges, as well as build up your inner resources.

You will be asked to also do some self-guided practices to put into practice what we'll cover in the workshop sessions.

TOTAL : regular total would be £1020

YOUR INVESTMENT for this special course is £980 instead (SAVE £40)

(with possibility to pay in 5 instalments of £196, on request)


  • 20 individual sessions with me (Skype or in Bristol):

    20 x £65 per 90 minutes sessions = 1300

  • Access to all workshops

  • Receive the guided meditations, visualisations and other supporting resources I'll be sharing with all participants

  • Access to Facebook group

---- I originally designed this whole programme with the desire and intention of journeying in a much deeper way, individually, with some women on this journey.

This option reflects this intention ; it is for people who are fully determined and dedicated to use the next 5 months for a massive transformation, and to fully resolve the "old" patterns of trauma or beliefs that are in the way of them being themselves and creating the life they want.

If you select this option we will go deep together, over time. The capacity for healing yourself and the inner knowledge that you will acquire will serve you for your whole life.

It is for people who want to undertake an in-depth therapeutic process and are ready to examine all the "layers" together, with my guidance, and to come out renewed and ready to shine their brightest.

It is also for people who have a history of serious abuse or neglect, experience PTSD or other serious challenges that they need more in-depth, personalized support with.

TOTAL: Regular total would be £1670

YOUR INVESTMENT is £1550 instead (SAVE £120)

(with possibility to pay in 5 instalments of £310, on request)

How to choose the option that is right for you?

If you are unsure of which option is best for you or want to have a chat about the programme, I'm offering a free consultation over phone or Skype to meet and discuss individually with potential participants.

To schedule your consultation email me now at:



Or register for individual workshops

Full course- Reclaiming the Shadow of the Feminine
from 370.00
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Working with Jessica I have developed a deeper connection with and awareness of my body; of the stories it holds that have been inherited from pasts I wasn’t consciously aware of. Bringing to the light how I’ve been repeating patterns that aren’t mine have allowed me to release, to become “unstuck”. Some of the paths we took surprised me. In fact the more suprising ones turned out to often be the most healing. Jessica is great at creating a holding space for this unfolding. Some of the themes we worked with were pretty intense! Creating trust is key is being able to do this work. The beautiful part is that Jessica supported me to trust myself in my own healing journey.
— P.D, participant in my last programme, “Healing the root cause of chronic anxiety and low Self-worth”


Here's what we'll look at in our time together as a group:

  • The psyche's conditioned patterns and beliefs and how they were formed: childhood emotional brain structure development and the role of parental attunement.

  • The techniques to practice to successfully update both the mindset and the nervous system from this conditioning

  • What aspects tend to be rejected in the Self and why it inevitably shows up in outer relationships in our adult lives

  • How to deal with the "triggers" experienced and the "negative" or "scary" aspects perceived in others - in a way that serves personal growth and allows the relationship to heal

  • Intergenerational dynamics and trauma in ancestry

  • How to reclaim an inner sense of wholeness and see others as whole

We will journey towards allowing and welcoming all of ourselves, even the parts of us that we are uncomfortable with. Fearlessly, unapologetically.

We will practice meeting all these aspects with courage, compassion, relentlessly patient love and presence, to rebuild the early patterns of disconnect likely to be at the root of these mindsets.

Removing the judgment, the self-blame, the shame.

Not fighting or pushing any of it away, but recognising the true, intact wholeness of the deeper Self, and re-integrating Shadow aspects by understanding the unmet needs and incorporating the buried wisdom present at the core of these aspects of the psyche.

I will share very practical ways to do that and to start seeing results in the way you feel, act and relate, immediately.


In Inner Alchemy one-to-one sessions I guide people to open up to, and interact with the messages, images, memories or stories emerging from the subconscious mind. We work in depth with the unique "Shadow" aspects, as well as with mindset, beliefs and trauma.

We may work with more of a focus on the body, or on Deep Imagery, or on ancestral trauma... The Unconscious guides us where the work is needed.

Reflecting the way this part of the mind works, sessions are a non-linear process. Although they follow patterns based on the theme that emerge, a large part of the process adapts to what comes up for each unique individual.

It is precisely in this fertile space where the open structure meets the intuitive and unknown territory of the unconscious, that the greatest magic and the potential for the most powerful transformation lies...


I have a deep belief... That when Women gather, together they can create new realities.

Deep in our hearts, we know that change needs to start within ourselves.

If not us, then who?
If not now, then when?
— John E. Lewis

    The reason I love this work is because when we stop pushing away parts of ourselves (or others), we start to gain access to so much renewed energy, enthusiasm, creative intelligence and even... Playfulness!

    As we bring our willingness and our courage to call our “Shadows” out to be seen and acknowledged deeply, we alchemise its toxicity into the Cauldron of "Compassionate Magic", for personal and collective transformation.

    Like the poisonous plant, which, administered in the correct way at the right time, reveals itself to be the only possible medicine for the situation...

    Working with the Shadow, to me, is like bringing through the “Magic that arises in dangerous times.” (in the words of Caroline Casey, Visionary Activist Astrologer, and “Trickster” specialist).

    And we are here, called to be the ones to remember our trust, our courage, our hope and our profound abilities for creating something new, even from amidst places that appear dark or hopeless.

    Could it be that these qualities of ours are so desperately needed in the World right now, that we are experiencing the struggles that will make them come alive?

    Join me now for this adventurous and beautiful journey of the Compassionate Magic of the Shadow:

    Full course- Reclaiming the Shadow of the Feminine
    from 370.00
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