Healing the early roots of chronic anxiety and low self-worth: the Inner Alchemy 6-weeks programme.


Are you struggling with chronic anxiety and low self-worth?

  • Are you feeling recurring anxiety about not "being enough", or not "doing enough"?
  • Do you worry that you won't be safe, that your needs won't be met or that your value won't be seen?

    Fear that you don't have enough time, money, skills, knowledge, love, attention..., to be safe and to be valued, or that you won't have enough of these in the future ?
  • Do you keep on attracting frustrating patterns in personal relationships, such as emotionally unavailable partners...
  • Or experience difficulty in finding and maintaining intimate relationships in which you feel respected and valued?
  • Do you experience irrational unease around others, or a confused sense, running below your direct awareness, that you, simply being you, will be an inconvenience to others, and that people will reject you, be annoyed with you or angry at you?

Do you perhaps also feel that you have already done a lot of "work" on these patterns, but that they keep coming back again and again in a frustrating, discouraging way?

If any of the above ring true for you, the Inner Alchemy 6-weeks programme for chronic anxiety and low self-worth can help you.

The programme includes 6 individual sessions and 4 group workshops.

NB: I'm only offering this opportunity to a small group of maximum 10 participants. At the time of writing this, there are 6 spots left. So don't wait to register if it feels like this opportunity is for you.


Individual sessions: scheduled individually with Jessica anytime from now - they can be done ahead of the group workshop and will help you make the most of the workshop sessions.
Sessions are available in person or online via Zoom (similar to Skype, with better quality).

Workshop sessions: Sunday afternoons, September 24, October 1st, 15th and 22nd. (Audio recordings of main session teachings will be made available if you can't make one of the dates.)

Space 238 in Bristol
238 Stapleton Road BS5 0NT

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I'm Jessica Wallace (CHt, GHQP). As a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, I help people who struggle with blocked, chronic emotional patterns, such as anxiety and low self-worth.

I show them:

  • How to heal the root cause of these challenges
  • How to transform them into opportunities for soul-level growth,
  • And how to connect with their inner power, inner truth and light, so they can shine and bring their gifts to the world.

In this 6-weeks programme :

We will work with the subconscious, early roots of anxiety and low self-worth, often coming from early trauma, hurts or dysfunctional patterns of attachment -- sometimes passed down from previous generations.


The process:

The process we will use combines Interactive Trance Work, Transpersonal hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or meridian tapping).

I believe this combination of mind and body techniques to be the most effective to help bring the nervous system back to calmness.

Its physiological response can move to a healthy, relaxed way of responding to present-day situations as we re-pattern old, deeply wired ways of feeling and thinking

Working in one-to-one setting and in group setting, it will help you effectively create a core foundation of safety, trust, self-love and self-worth.

The Spiral Growth Pattern: Supporting your Soul Journey

Changing deep emotional patterns and acquiring new default patterns for good, is a deep inner growth process which really solidifies over the long term - not a quick fix.

I believe we all have a "Soul journey" with certain themes, which we get to work on over time. 

This happens in a "spiral growth pattern".

Perhaps you have already experienced this, if you have been on a healing journey with these challenges for a while.

You work on an "issue", see clearly what is going on, expand and feel great...

And then suddenly life brings you a massive "hit" which brings you back to square one -- or so it seems.

This can feel enormously frustrating if you aren't aware of the nature of the spiral growth pattern, or if you don't have the tools to meet this pattern with ease and grace.


How to work with this pattern

It is possible to meet this pattern in a way where it can serve you and allow you to deepen your gifts and connect even more with the truth of who you are, and what you are here to contribute, with each new "cycle".

The group workshop part of this programme is designed to help you allow this growth pattern in your life and benefit from it.

It focuses on the "Inner Alchemy" perspective -- to meet any difficulty, trigger, disheartening or challenging event or situation as your new growing edge. 

To see it and use it as an opportunity to create more inner transformation, towards being yourself more deeply and unapologetically, allowing more peace and more joy into your life.


If all this sounds like what you need right now...

If you are ready to free yourself from the old patterns and sensations you know so well...

To move forward without the tension, stress, discomfort and shame, free to be who you are, naturally relaxed.

Radiating trust, and attracting trustworthy relationships in which you are truly seen and valued.

Free to create what you want in your life (as well as put an end to what you don't want) by using specific tools to transform the challenges that life throws at you, in a deliberate, clear and confident way.


Then join us on a life-transforming journey, by registering for the Inner Alchemy 6-weeks programme for anxiety and low self-worth.

I think you have magical powers. I found you very supportive, measured, validating and intuitive.

In the sessions I felt you created a safe space to do this work that could be confronting at times. I trusted you and that helped me be open with you, to journey within and face the trauma.

I found the method beautiful, profound, validating and powerful. It is one of the most effective healing therapies I have tried, with the fastest observable results.
— E.T

This programme includes 6 individual 90 minutes sessions, and a series of 4 half-day group workshops.

For this autumn's edition of the programme only, as a special offer, the workshop series is only £80 instead of £220 (£20 per workshop instead of £55).

For full description of the programme, see below.


What you'll get:

  • 6 individual 90 minutes sessions with Jessica (£60 per session)
  • 4 half-day group workshop sessions (valued at £55 per workshop, offered for £20 per workshop for this autumn's edition only)

    I offer the opportunity to pay in up to 4 instalments (with an extra fee of £20). Please contact me at jessica@createinneralchemy.com to arrange that.

Keep scrolling to read the full programme description below.


The one-to-one sessions can be scheduled any time you wish, depending on availability, from now on. Preferably you will have done at least 2 out of the 6 individual sessions before the group workshops take place.

The group workshops will happen on Sunday afternoons in September and October 2017 from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm. September 24th, October 1st, 15th and 22nd.

Programme Description

→ The 1-to-1 sessions

The large focus on individual work is key to accessing and shifting the core, individually unique foundational elements of your experience.

In these sessions we rebuild the foundations of your early emotional patterns. Learning how to deepen and maintain the new, healthy patterns for good, is what you will do in the group workshop sessions.

→ The group workshop sessions

Each of these modules are designed to teach you how to use the Inner Alchemy tools, and they provide a safe and supportive group space for our work together.

They will enable you to use any trigger or challenge that emerges in your life as an opportunity to build upon the work done in one-to-one sessions, strengthening sense of trust, self-love and freedom.


In Inner Alchemy one-to-one sessions I guide you to open up and interact with the messages, images, memories or stories emerging from your subconscious mind.

Reflecting the way this part of the mind works, sessions are a non-linear process. Although they follow patterns based on the theme that emerge, a large part of the process adapts to what comes up for you as a unique individual.

It is precisely in this fertile space where the open structure meets the intuitive and unknown territory of the unconscious, that the greatest magic and the potential for the most powerful transformation lies...

Your subconscious mind will lead the way and take us specifically where we need to work to restore harmony. Where that will be isn't pre-defined.

However, based on observation of working with these issues, there are usually a number of key themes which tend to come up with this therapeutic model:


Healing difficult perinatal experience (pre-birth, at birth and early infancy)


In some sessions the subconscious leads us to these very early experiences. There may have been specific traumatic conditions, a disconnect from parental love, or other sources of stress in the birth process itself or around it.

These sessions allow you to:

→ Re-create a felt sense of a welcoming, loving and safe experience of arriving into this world, so that you release negative self-image and feel connected to your true worth.

→ Create shifts in today's relationships so you experience feeling appreciated, celebrated, loved and honoured for who you are.

→ Release the stress, fears or hurts that may be carried subconsciously so that you experience deep overall relaxation and trust in life.

(1-2 sessions, and extra self-guided work based on workshop teachings, as needed)


Releasing the trauma and pain of challenging childhood events and attachment trauma


A number of sessions usually focus on significantly hurtful, confusing or scary childhood experiences.

In some cases there isn't a specific event but a multiplicity of situations which reflect challenges with parental attunement: the ability for the parent to understand and relate with the child's emotional experience, in an empathic and deep way, and to respond to it adequately.

The quality of attunement has been shown to impact directly the capacity for an individual to regulate their emotions and to relate to others in a safe, trusting manner.

In these sessions:

→ We re-create a sense of feeling welcome as you are, and heard with the full range of your emotional experience and expression

→ Create safety and shift patterns of learnt helplessness which may still be active in your life, so that you feel powerless and unable to take action.

→ Release feelings of toxic shame, guilt and fears of unknown origins, “emotional flashbacks”, as well as other trauma-related symptoms

(2-3 sessions or more, and extra self-guided work as needed.)

NB: People who have had experiences of severe, ongoing abuse and trauma may be dealing with Complex Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD), a severe condition which needs specific treatment. For these clients a longer process (12+ sessions) and ongoing support are strongly recommended. Find out more about CPTSD and its symptoms here.

I came to see Jess to work on childhood trauma. I experienced rapid transformation following each session.

Issues that I’d had significant lifelong struggles with were lightening in my experience of them. I felt I became more open and free as a result, my mindset was shifting.

I was finally resolving trauma and emotional development that had been hindered in childhood, and growing as an adult.

I found I was recovering parts of myself that were lost and even memories that had been suppressed. My inner world became more peaceful and joyful as a result, and my outer world expanded.

I would attribute the work I did with you to contributing to a fantastic summer, one of the best I can remember.
— M.N

Intergenerational or ancestral work - Unresolved family trauma


Some of the sources of the issues listed above were passed down by parents or primary caregivers, in turn mostly comes from their own childhood experiences.

Unexamined trauma and patterns of abuse, as well as mis-attunement and other elements of unhealthy parenting, get passed down through the generations.

Other issues that weren't fully resolved in previous generations may have been passed down in the form of unconscious fears, anxiety, and inner limitations.

These can include experiences such as loss, war, rape, imprisonment, abandonment, neglect, violence, poverty, famine...

This theme usually comes through our work on the previous themes. It helps:

→ Fully free yourself from the powerful influence of old subconscious patterns and limitations that may be reproduced in your life, such as in your relationship to resources, money or in intimate relationships (or lack thereof) today, so that you can deliberately create what you really want in these areas.

→ Where needed, repair a healthy connection to parents or primary caregivers, fostering forgiveness in order to move forward freely.

→ Clear unhealthy inherited patterns so that you don't pass them on down to the next generations.

(1-3 sessions + extra self-guided work as needed.)

Inner Masculine / Inner Feminine relationship work


This theme connects to how we are relating to these identities and energies in our life as well as in our relationships, and helps to become aware of where they are active in distorted, wounded ways.

This theme is very much connected to collective, societal patterns, reflected in the patriarchal model of our society, as well as parental modelling.

Work on this theme can help you heal both “sides”, as we all carry both and project them onto our outer relationships:

→ Work on these patterns helps find the positive, healthy expression of both polarities, recreates a healthy, loving inner connection between the two, leading to greater inner balance as well as resolving conflicts which may be carried in outer relationships.

(1-2 sessions + extra self-guided work as needed.)



Guidelines paired-listening and sharing circles - The Relational Presence Model

SESSION: How to take radical, empowered responsibility for your growth and emotional well-being

You will learn about:

  • The Relational Presence Model for listening and sharing from the heart, an experiential practice which supports gently repairing parental mis-attunement patterns
  • Using every opportunity to track, notice and work with emotional “triggers”, big or small
  • Reversing perspective and find where you have power-within, to care for your inner wounds instead of feeling victimized.



Paired-listening and short sharing circle

SESSION: How to take your transformative journey into your own hands: Learn the structure of EFT, a powerful tool you can use autonomously anytime challenging feelings arise

You will:

  • Discover the 4 steps to access the root cause of a challenging emotional experience, within the Inner Alchemy framework

  • Learn how the practice of “meta-attention” to become the peaceful observer of your emotional responses

  • Learn to combine structure and intuition in inner work so that you feel safe engaging with your subconscious mind's authentic flow.



Paired-listening and short sharing circle

SESSION: Learn how to find resolution at the root cause so you can let go of the emotional attachment to the old “story”

You will learn:

  • How to release stuck tension

  • How to "re-write" the inner narrative to create deep inner resolution to past conflicts and hurts

  • How to turn the negative beliefs which where created then into supportive, self-loving ones



Circle and session: Assess where you are now, in order to create what you will need to move forward with ease.

We will:

  • Take stock of where you are now,

  • Share our success and difficulties in using the practices we've shared, to help you to carry on implementing the material.

  • Assess what extra support or resources do you need to continue using them


What will happen after you complete your purchase:

  1. You will receive an email confirming your order - this means you are successfully booked for the programme!
  2. I will be in touch to schedule your first individual session.
  3. The first group workshop will take place on Sunday, September 24th. You will receive all additional information via email.

Thank you for your interest in this programme! I can't wait to work with you.

For any questions or to register interest please email Jessica at jessica@createinneralchemy.com or call 07422 636 225.