Are you tired of getting into the same unfulfilling, disappointing and painful relationship dynamics?

  • Have you noticed that you are endlessly attracted by unavailable people, or people who are rejecting you, and tend to be avoidant of the ones who are eager to connect with you more deeply?
  • Do you struggle with deep-seated insecurities which make you act defensively or act in an "off-centre" manner with the people that you would like to connect with?
  • Do you find yourself involuntarily judging yourself or others for being "too much" or "not enough"?
  • Have you been "chronically single" for a long time, feeling that you couldn't seem to find a relationship that felt adequate, or that those in which you wanted a commitment would fizzle out? 
  • Do you feel stuck, and find it hard to even imagine having the kind of relationship that you really long for?
  • Do you perhaps even at times ask yourself "why me?" or "what's wrong with me?"

This 5-months in depth course will be focused on working with the "wound of rejection" conditioning, as it shows up in intimate relationships especially (but applicable in relationships in general).


The programme includes one-to-one sessions as well as group workshop sessions.

The one-to-one session can be scheduled starting now.

The first group session will be an online call on the evening of March 26th.

See all dates below.

UPDATE: There are now only 6 spots left for the programme. Apply now to save your spot!


It is designed for those who experience patterns of feeling unwanted, unlovable, "rejected" -- or who feel rejecting of others, uninterested and even overwhelmed with the people who are interested in them.

It is for people who experience either one or the other side of that dynamic, and for those who experience both side of that dynamic in turn, in different relationships.

If the above description applies to you, this programme is an opportunity to finally face and heal the deeper, unconscious patterns at play within these dynamics.

This will be an individual and collective journey over 5 months to delve deep into the theme of relationships, judgment and the mindset of duality.

We will work with the fears and insecurities of the "ego" self, seeking external validation, and on the "Shadows" we see reflected in others when we experience them as "needy", "too much", and lose our desire, or feel uncomfortable with too much closeness.

We will explore the dynamic of how the "inner" relationship of Masculine and Feminine, is reflected in our outer relationships.

We'll work both in one-to-one sessions and in group sessions, with 3 online group calls and 2 group workshops in person in Bristol.


The one-to-one sessions can start anytime from now, get in touch to schedule them together.

  • Online group call: Monday March 26th, 6PM to 8PM
  • In person Day-long workshop: Saturday April 7th, 10AM to 5PM
  • Online group call: Monday April 30th, 6PM to 8PM
  • In person Day-long workshop: Saturday May 26th, 10AM to 5PM
  • Online group call: Monday June 11th, 6PM to 8PM

    In person workshops will take place at Breathe Bristol (20 Upper Maudlin street, BS28DJ).

Here's what we'll look at:

  • Your psyche's conditioned patterns and beliefs, how they are showing up in your relationships and how to work with them
  • Attachment styles: where you stand and how to rebuild a more secure attachment style
  • Intergenerational dynamics and unresolved relationship conditioning in family of origin
  • Shadow dynamics in intimacy: what we've repressed, what we're projecting and how to re-integrate it
  • "The Search for Soulmate is the Search for Soul" - How to make peace within and activate a blissful inner relationship which can then be reflected in the outer realm

We'll look in depth at how other mirror us and what to do when we're triggered, so we can become aware, and heal, our "blind spots" in relationships and grow towards more "wholeness" and balance.


If it feels like it's time for you to do this essential work for yourself to finally create the peaceful, balanced, healthy and exciting relationships you want,


Get in touch with me at to reserve your place on this programme.

Space is limited, it's recommended to apply early.


I’d had a difficult 18 months, mostly down to a protracted breakup which made me aware that I had some issues to deal with.

I was unsure whether hypnotherapy would work for me. I had a notion that the way I think or my emotional turmoil might not be suited to the process.

But I was amazed at how Jess was able to guide me straight to a place where I was able to really connect with my emotions and get to the core of my issues. It felt like a much more effective process than the more conventional therapies that I’ve attended.
— P.P





  • For people who have already worked with me individually for a course of 6 sessions minimum OR who have already done a significant amount of similar kind of inner / consciousness work.
  • Includes the 3 online calls and 2 in-person day-long workshops
  • Access to the Facebook group
  • Visualizations, meditations and other exercises to do at home will be provided

NOTE: For this option, please bear in mind that you will be expected to do self-guided work at home, as you won't be doing sessions with me (although you are welcome to book extra adhoc one-to-one sessions if needed). This self-guided "homework" will be necessary in order to get the most benefits from this programme.

If you don't feel that you will be able to structure your time to do so, or you prefer to have extra guidance, you may choose options 2 or 3 - see below.



  • 10 individual sessions with me (Skype or in Bristol): 10 x £65 per 90 minutes sessions = 650

  • 2 day-long workshops: £95 x 2 = £190

  • 3 online group calls: £60 x 3 = £180

  • Access to the Facebook group

TOTAL : £1020

YOUR INVESTMENT is £980 instead (SAVE £40)

(with possibility to pay in 5 instalments of £196)

---- This option includes 10 individual sessions with me. It is for people who want support to resolve and transform specific core challenges they are experiencing, and/or who haven't done this type of work before.

This option will complement the workshop sessions, as we will be doing deeper personalized work with hypnotherapy and EFT, to connect with the root causes of your challenges, as well as build up your inner resources.

You will also be asked to do some self-guided practices with what we'll cover in the workshop sessions, but I will be giving you the support you'll need for that in the one-to-one sessions.


  • 20 individual sessions with me (Skype or in Bristol):

    20 x £65 per 90 minutes sessions = 1300

  • 2 day-long workshops: £95 x 2 = £190

  • 3 online group calls: £60 x 3 = £180

  • Access to Facebook group

TOTAL: would be £1670

YOUR INVESTMENT is £1550 instead (SAVE £120)

(with possibility to pay in 5 instalments of £310)

---- I originally designed this programme with the desire and intention of journeying in a deeper way with people who have a history of difficult relationship patterns.

This option reflects this intention ; it is for people who want to use the next 5 months for a massive transformation, and to take the space and time needed to fully meet and resolve all the "old" patterns of trauma or beliefs that are in the way of them feeling secure within themselves and creating the peaceful, inspiring and Soul-affirming relationships they long for.

If you select this option you will have my guidance to do exactly that. We will go deep together, over time. The capacity for healing yourself and the inner knowledge that you will acquire will serve you for your whole life.

It is for people who want to undertake an in-depth therapeutic process and are ready to examine all the "layers" together, with my guidance, and to come out renewed and ready to shine their brightest.

It is also for people who have a history of serious abuse or neglect, experience PTSD or other serious challenges that they need more in-depth, personalized support with.

If you are unsure of which option is best for you or want to ask any questions about the programme, please email me at

To register you'll need to make your first payment by March 26th or earlier if you start your one-to-one sessions before the group workshop sessions start (recommended).


I think you have magical powers. I found you very supportive, measured, validating and intuitive.

In the sessions I felt you created a safe space to do this work that could be confronting at times. I trusted you and that helped me be open with you, to journey within and face the trauma.

I found the method beautiful, profound, validating and powerful. It is one of the most effective healing therapies I have tried, with the fastest observable results.
— E.T

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