This free session is designed to share with you how to transform the deeply-rooted blocks in your subconscious mind which may be creating challenges in your life, using tools from the Inner Alchemy approach.

In this session, you will get:

  • Clarity on why you feel the way you do in areas which feel "blocked", and what it takes to shift these blocks effectively

  • The #1 reason why your locked emotional “patterns” don't change even though you consciously want them to

  • The next steps to transform your limiting beliefs (in particular the deep rooted ones

You will learn:


  • How to create “updates” in the subconscious mind so that old patterns can change

  • How to release locked fear-based response from the nervous system

  • The key to making those changes become your new “default”, and last for good

Lastly, I will guide you through a unique hypnosis-based process, designed to enable your mind to open up to change.


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The answers you provide are strictly confidential. They will help me assess whether the Inner Alchemy approach used in this session is the best suited for you at this time.

It will also help me ensure that you get the most out of our time together by allowing me to create a personalised session, tailored to your individual needs and situation.

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Are you currently struggling with one or more issues in your life that feel stuck? If so, what are they?
This could be emotionally, physically, or in terms of how it has impacted your vitality and your energy levels. It could also be in terms of the stress it may have created, or the strain it may have put on your relationships. What has it stopped you from achieving, or what is it currently stopping you from going after?
Allow yourself to dream big! In order to create change, you will first need to create a clear vision in your mind of where you are going.