Many of the clients that I work with via Zoom / Skype have had an initial reaction of feeling uncertain about the idea of using this technology.

I understand these concerns, however in my experience it can be a positive, effective experience.

It also means that you can work with me at a distance, from the comfort of your own home, if you move away, or if you live abroad.

Zoom and Skype are both free and easy to set up.
Let me know if you require assistance.

questions that people commonly have:

Will it "work" if we are not in the same room?

In most sessions together, you will be safely guided in a light or deeper state of hypnosis trance (unless we are using primarily EFT for that session). Some people wonder whether they will go into the trance state if we are online rather than in person.

The answer is yes, you do. Creating a trance state is a collaborative process that works by you listening to my voice and creating within yourself the images or sensations I suggest. Your eyes are usually shut.

Just like many people listen to hypnosis recordings or meditations apps at home, you only need to hear me and to be in a quiet, private space to be able to get into a state of trance just as easily as if we were working face to face.

What about the technical aspects? What if Zoom / Skype stops working or the Internet goes down while we are in a session?

This is a valid concern as there can be technical difficulties.

It happens rarely, but it can happen. However, it doesn't present any danger. If for some reason we are interrupted while you are in a state of trance, you will naturally emerge from it in a few seconds, come back to your ordinary state of alertness, and be able to fix whatever is creating the problem.

Most technical difficulties happened when I was working with clients who were far away in other countries. In general it is extremely rare. If the technical issues on the call were too important (e.g. on a day of stormy weather) and we had to reschedule, it would be of course, at no cost to you.

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